After a few years of having friends tell me to get an Etsy account, I’ve finally caved.

Even though the statement above makes it sound like I had to be dragged kicking and screaming to Etsy, this really isn’t the case at all. Before deciding to put my work on Etsy, I spent 3 months looking around the site, browsing peoples’ work, seeing how people ran their Etsy stores, and making up my mind about whether it was the best option for me or not. I’ve had my own website for about 5 years now, and for several years my website has been exclusively for selling jewelry that I made. Earlier this year, I chose to turn my website into a more academically and professionally based site, so since January of this year I haven’t been selling jewelry online. I’ve chosen to start selling jewelry on Etsy because I like the way the site conducts it’s business, and I’m really excited about getting my jewelry work back out there!

I’ve still got quite a bit of jewelry work to put in the store- when I have everything up on Etsy, there will be jewelry for all price ranges: from $15 (£10) to $350 (£220). I’m also going to see about adding an Etsy sidebar to this blog, so when I put new pieces up in the store it will show up on here.

Please go check the site out, and check back often, as I’ll be adding a lot more pieces over the next few weeks! If you’re on Etsy, leave a comment with a link to your site so I can get to know other makers on there!


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