Where This is Going

Obviously the whole life update thing isn’t working so well for me, so I’ve decided to change around what I’m doing with this blog, and turn it into a sort of electronic sketchbook, documenting what I’m working on right now and the artists I’m looking at. The plan is to post a lot of photos of what I’m working on at the moment- it would be fantastic to get comments on the pieces I’m making; feedback is a really important part of the design process, so any comments you leave will be really helpful!

In the spirit of catching up on what I’ve been making, here’s a brief synopsis of my project:

I’ve been experimenting with casting plaster as a main material for this jewellery collection. While a lot of plaster is crumbly, powdery, and starts dissolving after it has gotten wet, I’ve been working with a plaster/polymer combination that has given me a very hard, waterproof material to work with. It’s really an amazing material- I have been experimenting with loads of different ways of manipulating it and finding different forms to cast it in. In this current series I am exploring imagery from fashion and the decorative arts, reinterpreting it in a new way and a contemporary material.

This series of 3 necklaces was my starting point: While there is no direct quotation of imagery from fashion and the decorative arts, the aesthetic decisions I made were informed by my research in these fields.

**Click on image to open a larger version of the image**

Chocolates 1

Chocolates 2

“Chocolates 3” combines the look of the first two pieces, using the look of both. There isn’t necessarily a front or a back to this piece- it can be worn smooth side front, rough edges front, or a mixture of both.

Chocolates 3, Front

Chocolates 3, reverse

The necklace below, titled “Ribbons”, is a prototype- I’m in the process of making a more finished version of it, and when that’s finished I’ll be uploading that to the site, but I thought I’d post this piece for now, just to give you a preview of some of the jewellery pieces still to come. I love how the hard, rigid plaster can be made to look like it’s folded cloth- this piece is my favourite so far.

Ribbon Necklace

I have 3  jewellery pieces in production right now- look for photos of them quite soon. If you want to be able to see when I post a blog entry, click the orange “RSS” button. This will subscribe you to my blog by putting a bookmark in your “Favourites” folder on your browser, and then you should be able to set up a way for it to notify you when I’ve posted a new entry.

That’s all for now- it’s time to get back to the studio to work on those other jewellery pieces.  I’m leaving for Belgium on Sunday, so I should probably do some laundry and pack at some point, too! I’ll post a photo of the new version of the Ribbon necklace tomorrow and will post photos of the two other necklaces I’m working on at the beginning of February when I get back from Belgium.

Thanks for reading- if you have time to leave feedback, I would love to have comments on these pieces and/or answers to the poll questions below. Thanks in advance for your help- check back tomorrow for a photo of the finished Ribbon necklace.




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3 responses to “Where This is Going

  1. A blog’s a blog’s a blog is a blog! I think this scrapbook idea is fantastic! I absolutely love seeing your new pieces, even if they are in progress! Have a splendid time in Belgium and let us know what you accomplish there!

    Because I can’t figure out how to comment on the poll, I’ll say my comment now. My favorite is the ribbon because it has an elegant yet childish style. I can see it with a beautiful tea dress. It’s just very fun!

  2. Pamela Rowe

    To leave a comment on the necklaces, hit “view comments” under the first set of voting choices and “view results” under the second set. At the bottom of the resulting page of comments, is a place to add your own.

  3. Grahdmother Henry

    I like the Chocolates #1 for a “slimming effect”. Actually, it is hard to choose the favorite (favourite, a la British !), depending on the wearer’s style and shape. And the ribbon necklacre is like to choosing between apples and oranges. Keep on being so innovative !

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