Final “Ribbon” Necklace and New Experiments

Here, as promised, is a photo of my new version of the plaster “Ribbon” necklace:

"Ribbons", Version 2

I constructed this version in a different way than I did the prototype, so this piece has a lighter but much sturdier form. I also chose to use white ribbon on this piece- I like the look of the white, but I’m not sure I like that kind of ribbon. I’ve found a store in London that sells amazing ribbons and fabrics imported from France, so when I get back from Belgium I’m planning to make a trip down there to look at what they’ve got and hopefully find the perfect kind of ribbon to use on this necklace- right now I’m thinking a really lovely, high-end silk. So while this version of the necklace is certainly a lot better than the previous version, I’ve already got plans for how I can improve it the next time I make it. Eventually I’ll end up with exactly what I want, and in the meantime, I’m getting really good at constructing!

I think once I get all the versions made, I’ll probably do another poll to see which version people like the best- I’m really interested in knowing these things! Thanks to all who took part in the poll I posted yesterday- if you didn’t get a chance to vote or comment, please do!

Here are a few photos of the next piece I’m working on- these aren’t great photos, but hopefully they’ll get the general idea across- I’m working with lace patterns and using these patterns as surface decoration on pieces of plaster, which I’ll be turning into another necklace. This necklace fits really well with my current interest taking visual elements from historical fashion and decoration.

**The surface lace details may be difficult to see in the small version, but clicking on the image will show a larger version**

Lace Test 1

Lace Test Pieces

I leave for Belgium tomorrow and probably won’t have internet for the next week while I’m there. Look for a post around the 1st or 2nd of February, where I’ll post photos from the trip and explain more about the week-long jewellery project that we’re working on with MA students from the jewellery school in Antwerp. Bye for now!

p.s. Any comments on the pieces in this post would be very welcome- likes/dislikes/things they remind you of… it’s all really helpful to me, so please leave a comment!


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