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Now that the excitement of Assessment (basically like a critique, only more intense and stressful!) is over, it’s time to take all the feedback I got and work on where to take my pieces next. This week involved a lot of playing around and experimenting with some new processes and materials. I’m not really sure how I want my next collection of jewellery to look, but I think the best way to make up my mind is by making LOADS of experimental pieces- thought I’d just post photos of a few of the ideas I’ve been working on and my thoughts about each.

Pink Plaster 1

Finally- colour experiments! I’m kind of alright with these because of how subtle the colours are- I like the gradual shift from white to pink a lot, but I’m not really sure if I want to use colour very much in my pieces- I’m toying with the idea of a greyscale series…

Pink Plaster 2

Subtle colouring experiment

I really like how this has gone- I put lacquer inside the etched-in lace pattern. The colour isn’t much darker than the natural plaster colour, but the combination of the slightly darker colour and the shine of the laquer really sets off the pattern in a way it was missing before.

Form Study 1

Nothing especially revolutionary here… just experimenting with forms (it felt like I was in kindergarten, playing with blocks, not working on a Masters degree!) and trying to figure out how I want to advance the Ribbon necklace.

Form Study 2

I like this one- I think it might become a necklace soon.

Image Transfer

This one was my first attempt at image transferring, which is something I’ll definitely be looking into more. I like the really subtle patterning that the plaster picks up in the transfer- I don’t think I’d like the effect nearly as much if it was really solid black and white patterning. We’ll see what other image transfer techniques do…

So there are some of this week’s more successful experiments- next week I’ll be in Munich attending SCHMUCK, so expect an update about that around the second week of March. I’d love to hear what your reactions are to these experiments- any that look exciting to you? Any you absolutely hate? I like knowing these things :)



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Busy Busy

This week has been quite a full week- seminars, external examiners, snow… I’ve managed to get a bit of studio work done, and thought I’d post a picture of the newest “Chandelier” necklace- the elements are casts of glass chandelier pieces I bought at an antique market in Arezzo- any comments/suggestions you have for the piece are certainly appreciated :)

Sorry for the short post, but I’m on my way to a seminar this morning, then this afternoon need to finish up an application for a jewellery exhibition happening in Florence… wish me luck!


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Quick Hello

Hey everyone,

First off, a HUGE thankyou to everyone who participated in the survey about my current jewellery pieces- the feedback was very helpful and I’ve taken all suggestions on board and am currently designing new pieces and deciding where to take my jewellery collection next. This past week was quite busy- the 3 month long project was turned in on Tuesday and all day Tuesday was spent in Assessment, talking about the pieces with the professor and rest of the MA students- the rest of the week was spent assessing my feedback and getting ready to move onto the next phase of my project.  I spent my spare time in the past week cleaning my room, washing dishes, doing laundry… basically taking care of all the important housekeeping things that didn’t happen while I was rushing around getting my project ready!

There’s not much more to report right now- I’ve been doing a few experiments and considering making a few pieces of jewellery in colour, so I’ll post photos of those experiments sometime in the next week. I’ve just started getting into this folk group called Blitzen Trapper- it’s great music to listen to while cleaning, doing laundry, and cooking: here’s one of their songs, called “Furr”.

Enjoy the song, I’ll write about jewellery and art things again in the near future


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New Jewellery- and Lots of it!

If you’ve been wondering at my silence, here’s the post that shows you why I’ve been bad at emailing, talking, and being social for a while- gotta turn this in on Tuesday. One part of the assignment is to do market research on the pieces I’ve made- that’s where you can help me out: with the photos of the new jewellery I’ve posted a series of questions- if you wouldn’t mind clicking through and answering them, that would be a huge help! Any comments you have are also greatly appreciated- please leave a comment on this post or send an email to if you have anything else you’d like to say.

All the pieces in this series use Plaster as their main material: I’ve developed a way to make the plaster strong and durable and have been exploring ways of using it in jewellery… And now, on to the photos [click photo for larger image]:

"Lace", Etched Side

"Lace", Lace Side

"Lace", Etched Side

"Lace", Lace Side

"Chandelier" Necklace

"Chandelier", Detail

"Ribbons" Necklace

"Ribbons" Side View

"Chocolates 1"

"Chocolates 2"

"Chocolates 3", Front

"Chocolates 3", Back

Thanks in advance for helping out by answering these survey questions. If you have time, here are a few short-answer questions that it would be really helpful to have answers to- those answers can be posted in the comments section of this post or emailed to me at

1. Which piece do you like most?
What do you like about it?
Is there anything about it that you would change?

2. Which piece do you like least?
What do you dislike about it?

3. Could you see yourself wearing any of these pieces?
If yes, which ones?
If no, why?

Thanks again for your help- all answers received by tomorrow evening/ Monday morning will be included in my research study, but even if you don’t have a chance to answer by then, I’d still really like to know what you have to say about the pieces.

Sometime next week I’ll do a post about what I’m going to be working on next- I’ve got some exciting new pieces planned and will be posting some photos of what I’m working on. Have a good weekend!


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