New Jewellery- and Lots of it!

If you’ve been wondering at my silence, here’s the post that shows you why I’ve been bad at emailing, talking, and being social for a while- gotta turn this in on Tuesday. One part of the assignment is to do market research on the pieces I’ve made- that’s where you can help me out: with the photos of the new jewellery I’ve posted a series of questions- if you wouldn’t mind clicking through and answering them, that would be a huge help! Any comments you have are also greatly appreciated- please leave a comment on this post or send an email to if you have anything else you’d like to say.

All the pieces in this series use Plaster as their main material: I’ve developed a way to make the plaster strong and durable and have been exploring ways of using it in jewellery… And now, on to the photos [click photo for larger image]:

"Lace", Etched Side

"Lace", Lace Side

"Lace", Etched Side

"Lace", Lace Side

"Chandelier" Necklace

"Chandelier", Detail

"Ribbons" Necklace

"Ribbons" Side View

"Chocolates 1"

"Chocolates 2"

"Chocolates 3", Front

"Chocolates 3", Back

Thanks in advance for helping out by answering these survey questions. If you have time, here are a few short-answer questions that it would be really helpful to have answers to- those answers can be posted in the comments section of this post or emailed to me at

1. Which piece do you like most?
What do you like about it?
Is there anything about it that you would change?

2. Which piece do you like least?
What do you dislike about it?

3. Could you see yourself wearing any of these pieces?
If yes, which ones?
If no, why?

Thanks again for your help- all answers received by tomorrow evening/ Monday morning will be included in my research study, but even if you don’t have a chance to answer by then, I’d still really like to know what you have to say about the pieces.

Sometime next week I’ll do a post about what I’m going to be working on next- I’ve got some exciting new pieces planned and will be posting some photos of what I’m working on. Have a good weekend!



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16 responses to “New Jewellery- and Lots of it!

  1. Anna

    1. The piece I like the most is the lace necklace. 2. I really like how you intertwined the lace with the plaster!! 3. There is nothing I would change about it. 4. I dislike the cholcolate 1 necklace. 5. It is very long. 6. I could see myself wearing the lace necklace and the chandelier necklace!
    Great job making all these necklaces Miriam.
    Happy jewelry-making,
    Anna Olson

  2. Sheila Mayson

    I like the chandelier because it’s unusual without being too flamoyant for my taste.
    The Ribbon necklace is a bit big for me.
    I think I’d wear the chandelier one as it’s so pretty and unique.

  3. deb hanson

    I like the chandelier necklace the most as it is the one I’d most like to wear- although I really like the ribbon necklace as its so unusual- and the chocolate one as I like the idea that wearing it over a black top makes it look like part of the clothing! I think I’d be most likely to wear the chandelier, ribbon or chocolate one necklace.

  4. Stephanie Kuecker

    I like chocolates 1 the most, I’m drawn to the length of the chain and the way the placement of the chocolates compliment the shape of the body. I agree that the ribbon necklace is a little big for my personal choice of jewelry but its large scale, design of the ribbon pieces, and the craftsmanship make the piece very impressive. I would probably wear the chocolates pieces and chandelier piece the most. I think that a great combo would be the front of chocolates 1 and back of chocolates 3.

    Great job your work is beautiful!

  5. I think all of what you’re doing is interesting and that it could sell as designer pieces – but not really to me. I’m not entirely convinced by the material; i cannot see myself wearing plaster jewelry, i prefer precious metals or something that has light or luster (ie good ol plastic).
    My favourite is the ribbons, I think the structure is really interesting and I could see it on a tall dark fashion model wearing neutral but structured clothing (sadly, that is not me).

  6. 1. Which piece do you like most? – I’m tied with the chandelier and the ribbon.
    What do you like about it? – I love the different strands of the chandelier. The ribbon is so different yet appealing.
    Is there anything about it that you would change? – No.

    2. Which piece do you like least? Lace
    What do you dislike about it? I think the size is what throws me. I really like the look of the lace side but would like it with smaller pieces. Perhaps with one or two larger pieces but the others drastically smaller.

    3. Could you see yourself wearing any of these pieces? Yes, several: Chandelier, ribbon, and chocolate 1.

  7. Becky

    1. Which piece do you like most? Chocolate 1
    What do you like about it? Length each chocolate has the “excess” removed, like real chocolates
    Is there anything about it that you would change? add color lol

    2. Which piece do you like least? chocolate 2
    What do you dislike about it? placement of the side dropped pieces

    3. Could you see yourself wearing any of these pieces? chocolate 1- I already have a mini version!
    If yes, which ones?
    If no, why?

  8. Katherine Boskoff

    I liked the Chocolate 1 the best, but it was a close call between that one and the Chandelier.
    Ribbon was just a bit much for me.
    Chocolate and Chandelier were elegant without being too over the top.

  9. Trish Henry

    I had an idea for Lace. I really like the etched side but if I were to request one for myself I would ask for the medallions to be smaller and the lace band to be wider. They remind me of sea dollars and are a little to “clunky” for my taste but I love the concept and love wearing lace so I hope my comments are helpful. Well done! Hugs, Aunt Trish

  10. Pamela Rowe

    I picked Ribbon as my favorite. Not as the one I would particularly gravitate toward wearing as first choice, but it is the eye-catcher one for me. If I wanted to make a statement and get attention, I’d wear Ribbon.
    I like the etched side of the lace necklace, but from a distance I’m not sure how it would look–do you have to be up close to notice the lace pattern? I think that’s why I like the Ribbon so much, it’s 3D, it has pizzaz. It’s almost like the rules that apply to the others don’t apply to it. But for me to actually wear everyday to work or church–prob Choc 1 (I like the smooth vs the rough edges) followed by Chandelier. Ribbon is way out front for me, though. I would pay more for Ribbon just because it is so different. It’s more like wearing a piece of art.

  11. Janine Henry

    Thanks for the chance to survey and comment! Your pieces are fun and creative-I like that! The lace piece I would prefer smaller as I am small but leave the design just like it is! My favorite was chocolate 1 as I like the length and how it follows the body contour. The ribbon necklace says “special occasion!” Would have liked to see chandelier in a modeled photo to see how it drapes, also very pretty. Keep up the good work! Aunt Janine

  12. Joyce

    I thought chocolates 3 would be stunning with a backless or low-back dress. I chose chandelier as my fave bc I have conservative tastes and think it is an exquisite piece. But I like what you’re doing with texture and size – bold is beautiful.

  13. Judy Andrews

    It’s so good to hear from you Miriam, and to see this beautiful jewelry. How creative! I think I would be most likely to wear chandelier, but ribbon is most unique and impressive.

  14. Julie Yeomans

    1. I like the lace the best. I thought it was very creative, and I love lace.

    2. My least favorite is the Ribbon because it would be too much, too bulky for me to wear.

    3. I could see myself wearing the Chandelier and the various Chocolates.

  15. The lace necklace is cool. I like seeing both on the front, but I like both versions too. How do those crisp edges feel?
    I hadn’t noticed the chandelier necklace before. That’s a great idea. Would love to see it on a model. I think the plaster idea is really interesting. I love the idea that the materials need not be precious in themselves. The design is precious.

    looking forward to seeing more. I just got the new metalsmith and will share some things I like. Talk to you later.

  16. marilyn

    Hey Miriam!
    Sorry, this response is a little late- hope it will still be helpful!
    1. I like the ribbon piece. I think it is the most visually interesting on the body. It seems to engage the space between the chin and chest quite nicely- and it is interesting because it is slightly unexpected being so volumetric.
    2. I am not sure I am a huge fan of the chocolate pieces- the way they attach seems very expected and their graphic quality actually seems to work against them- making the pieces fall a little flat.
    3. I think the chandelier necklace would be the most “wearable”. From a buying-to-wear standpoint I would be concerned the chocolate necklaces would shift around on my body and fall out of place and that the ribbon necklace would call too much attention to me.

    I really hope that helps! It is very exciting to see the work you are doing! Keep it up and keep us posted!

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