Quick Hello

Hey everyone,

First off, a HUGE thankyou to everyone who participated in the survey about my current jewellery pieces- the feedback was very helpful and I’ve taken all suggestions on board and am currently designing new pieces and deciding where to take my jewellery collection next. This past week was quite busy- the 3 month long project was turned in on Tuesday and all day Tuesday was spent in Assessment, talking about the pieces with the professor and rest of the MA students- the rest of the week was spent assessing my feedback and getting ready to move onto the next phase of my project.  I spent my spare time in the past week cleaning my room, washing dishes, doing laundry… basically taking care of all the important housekeeping things that didn’t happen while I was rushing around getting my project ready!

There’s not much more to report right now- I’ve been doing a few experiments and considering making a few pieces of jewellery in colour, so I’ll post photos of those experiments sometime in the next week. I’ve just started getting into this folk group called Blitzen Trapper- it’s great music to listen to while cleaning, doing laundry, and cooking: here’s one of their songs, called “Furr”.

Enjoy the song, I’ll write about jewellery and art things again in the near future



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2 responses to “Quick Hello

  1. stefani

    So I’m taking a literature class on Metamorphosis, and the TA played this very song in section two weeks ago. I LOVE THE CHORUS!!

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