Etsy Makeover

Phew! Obviously with things being busy for grad school, I haven’t given much attention to my Etsy site. About a month ago I looked at it and realized it needed MAJOR changes- my header was crap and my photos were definitely crap! On top of that, the jewellery I was selling on there was not at all related to what I’m currently making- and while there’s no rule stating that it all has to relate, the things I’m making now are a lot more original and are completely “me”.

The pieces I’m making for my masters are very over-the-top pieces: certainly not meant for everyday wear, and probably not accessible to most wearers. I wanted to make a smaller scale range of pieces that were more suitable to everyday wear, so I started working on a range of plaster pendants utilizing images and patterns that I really like.

I’m really excited about the “makeover” update I’ve been able to give my Etsy store- to be honest, when I look back on how the store looked before, I’m a little bit embarrassed- this updated Etsy store look is such a vast improvement!

These pieces are the first set of new designs- I have about this many more already made- I just need to finish photographing them, then get them all uploaded. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to do that soon!

Tomorrow I’m off to London for another museum day- probably a lot of research at the Victoria and Albert Museum again- bye for now!


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  1. stefani

    ver’ naice. :)

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