My First Brooch

So I decided to have a bit of a change and make a brooch instead of a necklace: I’ve only made a brooch once, and that was about 5 years ago (with the teacher standing over me the whole time to tell me what to do), so this piece definitely felt like it was my first brooch! I have a feeling I’ll be getting back to making necklaces pretty soon, but there is something pretty nice about making a brooch: since it’s a smaller format, the composition is really important and it’s all about how the elements fit together. I have another brooch I’m working on at the moment; I’ll have that finished early next week if all goes well, and will post pictures of that one soon.

Anyway- this brooch uses a pattern that I made myself- I took an ironwork element from a photo of a door I took in Italy:

Italian Ironwork

I used this element to make several patterns, which I transferred to plaster:

Plaster Pattern Tests

Then I picked the one I liked the most and turned it into a brooch: I used the ironwork component to inspire the pierced silver design that I used on the back of the brooch:

Grey Ironwork Brooch

Grey Ironwork Brooch, Back

Grey Ironwork Brooch, Pin Detail

Grey Ironwork Brooch, Side

Grey Ironwork Brooch

I’m really enjoying making my own patterns, so that’s something I’m continuing with- I’ll post photos of the brooch I’m currently working on sometime next week. In the meantime, enjoy your weekend! I’m off to watch the England-America match (it’ll be a bit uncomfortable being the only American in a room of England supporters!)



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3 responses to “My First Brooch

  1. Your ironwork design is just lovely!

  2. Thank you very much Miriam – the Wellies do seem to have struck a chord with people… I look forward to your next brooch design.

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