Granny’s Wallpaper Brooch

The newest brooch in the series! Inspired by wallpaper at Granny’s house in Birmingham, England:

Granny's Hall Wallpaper

Granny's Wallpaper Brooch, front

Granny's Wallpaper Brooch, Detail

Granny's Wallpaper Brooch, Back

So this is my favorite one yet! I actually had a really good time doing all of that decorative metal piercing with the copper and brass.  I’ve got some ideas for a few new pieces, but it may be another few weeks before I’ve got another one done and ready to post. You’ll hear from me sooner than that, though- bye for now!



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6 responses to “Granny’s Wallpaper Brooch

  1. Oops, I spelled “favorite” the American way instead of the British way- I need to “practise” my spellings so I don’t make too many mistakes on my research paper that’s due soon…

  2. I ADORE THIS! It’s beautiful!

  3. Pamela Rowe

    What did Granny say?

  4. She didn’t recognise it at first because it was such a close-up detail of the wallpaper- then she laughed when she figured out what it was!

  5. I love the dimension of this piece! It’s absolutely gorgeous! I’m excited to see more metal workings!

  6. stefani

    I’ve looked at your most recent posts before, but I had to comment this time… I LOVE this broach! I’ve been trying to sort out a word for it all morning, but I think arabesque will have to do. I would love to see some bracelets or necklace pendants along these intricate, weaving lines. :)

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