St. Andrews, Scotland

View from the bell tower

This weekend I had a chance to go visit an American friend of mine who is getting her Masters at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. This small town is quite well-known worldwide for being the birthplace of golf, but I think for me the golf is the least exciting part of this amazing town!

St. Andrews is right on the sea- there’s a lovely path that goes along the coast:

St. Andrews Coastal Path

There are amazing ruins to be found here- a cathedral, a castle, and a chapel (which is oddly situated right across from a bunch of High Street shops).

St. Andrews Cathedral Ruins

Cathedral door

The cathedral is massive- it’s hard to get the scope of all the ruins from photographs: it’s well worth it to walk around the ruins, which is completely free!

Cathedral Close-up

You can also climb the tower on the cathedral grounds (buy entry to it at the cathedral gift shop) and get a gorgeous view of the town:

View from the bell tower

Walking around town you see a lot of interesting little details, including a face imprinted on the front wall of one of the university buildings (supposedly the face of the first martyr of the Scottish Reformation in the 1500’s),

Stone Face

an inappropriately-named road,

Butts Wynd Road

and steps that don’t appear to lead anywhere useful

Mystery Steps

The castle ruins are quite interesting, as are the ruins of Blackfriars Chapel, which is situated on one of the 3 main roads in St. Andrews, across from a line of high street shops:

Castle ruins

Blackfriars Chapel

And no post about St. Andrews would be complete without having a picture of the golf course (whether you find golf interesting or not)- they’re in the middle of getting ready for the Open in less than two weeks, so there are tents up everywhere and loads of bleachers. Apparently cheap seats at the Open goes for £1000 (~$1500!)

Birthplace of Golf

The golf course is right next to the beach, so we spent some time there and witnessed a jellyfish invasion! They were everywhere, and they were gorgeous!

Jellyfish Invasion

After an amazing weekend away in St. Andrews (with stopovers in Edinburgh on the way there and back to visit friends) I’m now back in the south, getting on with projects and trying not to miss Scottish accents too much (they’re my favorite!).

I’m finishing up a few pieces soon, so I’ll have new jewellery to show in the very near future if all goes well!


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