Signorelli Chandelier Brooch

This newest brooch comes from a photo I took in the Signorelli Theatre in Cortona, Italy. The theatre is absolutely gorgeous and it seemed only right to use this amazing theatre setting in one of my pieces. Because it’s a lavish, opulent theatre (think Phantom of the Opera type theatre with box seats as well as floor seating) I decided to go with GOLD. Yep, this piece is plated with gold.

Signorelli Chandelier, front

Signorelli Chandelier, side

Signorelli Chandelier, back

Making this out of solid gold would’ve cost at least £1000 ($1500), so it’s most definitely plated. I’m so pleased with how the gold looks with it- I might have to do more gold pieces in the near future! The piercing work on this one took me ages- it is by far the most intricate and detailed hand-piercing I’ve ever attempted, but I love the result and I don’t think I’ll have many projects that require this much piercing (that’s a more toned down way of saying “the worst is over?”). Do click on the photos to see it in more detail.

I’ve been making full use of the bit of studio time we have left for the masters. We’re putting up the show on the 23rd, being assessed on the 30th, then having the show open for most of September. Check out to see photos of everyone else’s work (and a photo of mine too, of course)…. and if you happen to be in Birmingham (the English one, not the American one) in September, please come see all this amazing work in person!



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2 responses to “Signorelli Chandelier Brooch

  1. Retrofemme

    Stunning!! The front has an archaic (archaeological find?) appearance and the back something more baroque – beautiful detail..

  2. Pamela Rowe

    The person who buys this is going to have a problem…she’ll want to keep taking it off to show off the gorgeous back as well.

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