Etsy Treasuries

Every now and then I remember to look on Etsy and see if my pieces have been featured in treasuries: this time I looked, and I was added to one only a few hours ago! The best thing is that this treasury is based on a short story that I really like- The Yellow Wallpaper. Bonus!

Here are the other treasuries that I’ve been featured in, if you’re interested in having a look-

I really like this Etsy Treasury thing: being included in such varying collections is exciting! I’m glad that the pieces I have on Etsy seem to appeal to people interested in different things.

On that note, I’m working on making new things for Etsy: my goal is a piece a day, starting next week. I’ll be writing more about that soon :)



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2 responses to “Etsy Treasuries

  1. Retrofemme

    Congratulations Miriam! I’ll keep my eye on your shop for lovely new additions and your blog for many more Treasuries….

  2. Grandmother Henry

    Oh Miriam, This is exciting ! You have a market, and a goal, and a place to work out your infinite inspirations !

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