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Brilliantly Birmingham Pieces

With pieces finished and in the We Are Birmingham shop, it’s time to finish up the pieces that I’m putting into Brilliantly Birmingham‘s FLUX exhibition. We’re setting up the gallery on Monday and the show opens Friday November 26th and runs til January 9th at the Midlands Art Centre in Birmingham.
I’ll be showing a few pieces from my Masters show but I have also been busy finishing new pieces! I’m really excited how things have turned out, and I’ve branched out from brooches and have added some earrings to the mix. These new pieces were made the same way as previous pieces: working from photos that inspire me to turn these objects and patterns into pieces of jewellery [if you’re new to the blog and want to find out more, see my artist statement].

As part of the FLUX exhibition, I’ll be at the Midlands Art Centre on Saturday afternoon (November 27) to talk about my creative processes and answer questions about the jewellery I make: if you’re in Birmingham that weekend, it would be great to see you!



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Pieces and Their Inspirations

I’ve talked in previous posts about my inspirations and shown a few pictures here and there of specific things that inspire the pieces I made, but I thought it would be really good to put the pieces and their inspirations together in one post! I like how they’ve turned out, so I’ve included them in the Artist Statement tab so they can be seen any time. Which piece/inspiration combination do you like the best?


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