My 3 Week Career Change (or: Our Anglo-American Wedding)

Every year up til this one, Christmastime has been a chance for me to go back to Georgia and see the family- I’d spend the holiday eating lots of food, watching all of the Lord of the Rings extended edition dvds, reading, and catching up with all the people I hadn’t seen for a long time. This year was completely different.

This is the first year I haven’t been working on University projects, so I decided to embrace retail’s busiest time of year and participate in several jewellery shows (which I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts)- so up to December 12th I was frantically busy getting things ready to go in shops, gallery exhibitions, and Christmas fairs.

On December 13th the first wedding guest arrived.

I had done a little bit of prep work for our New Years Day wedding (1-1-11!), but I was so busy filling jewellery orders that by the time I finished my last show on December 12th I still had most of my wedding to sort out.

Over the next 3 weeks I worked as an event planner, jeweller (made the bridesmaids jewellery and designed my own wedding ring, of course!), graphic designer and printer (invitations, programmes, place cards), caterer (bought some pre-made food from Marks and Spencer but had to put it all together and make enough things for 200 wedding guests!), florist, tailor (needed to alter my wedding dress and one of the bridesmaid’s dresses), tour guide (for all the Americans who flew to the UK for the wedding!), makeup artist, and personal shopper. My fiance kept trying to get me to pay other people to do parts of the wedding (especially the cake- he thought it was crazy for me to make 250 cupcakes, and I thought it was crazy to pay someone else £800 ($1300) to make cake that wasn’t nearly as tasty as what I could make!)

I’m sure my “do it yourself” attitude toward life in general contributed greatly to my 3 week “career change”; I’ve never been someone who wanted to pay people to do something that I could do myself! In hindsight, it probably would have been good if I had subcontracted a few things out, but luckily I had a ton of amazing friends and relatives who pitched in and made everything happen just the way it needed to!

Here are a few photos of the activities leading up to the wedding:

Shopping for Wedding Food with Mom and Clare

Mom sorting out the flowers

Trying my hand at flower arranging

Back from our late-night holly gathering expedition

Andrew helped with the bridesmaid dress ironing

I baked 250 chocolate and vanilla cupcakes from scratch

Cupcake Decorating Team


The day of the wedding was so much fun. The crazy amount of work paid off and it was so rewarding to see everything come together and enjoy spending the day with so many friends and family members. Here are photos of how everything turned out!

Holy Trinity Church, Wordsley


Signing the Register

Mr. and Mrs.

Stefani and Abi (Both pendants were vintage brooches I bought here in England)

Juliane (Pendant is from a French nurse's uniform brooch in the early 1900's)

Group Photo in Church

Our rings (I designed mine based on a ring from the 1920's then had it drawn up in CAD and cast in palladium)


Cupcake Table (Thanks to my sisters for the awesome bride and groom cake toppers!)

Cupcake Feeding Time!

Now it’s back to being a full-time jeweller. The stint as Event Planner, Florist, etc. was an enjoyable 3 week career change, but I’m looking forward to getting back to my real work. Happy 2011!



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8 responses to “My 3 Week Career Change (or: Our Anglo-American Wedding)

  1. P. Rowe

    And that was just a tiny sampling of all the doings and logistics! If you’re ever offered a job that includes running a large corporation, just remember those three weeks and go for it. It’ll be a breeze. In comparison.

  2. It looks like you had a great wedding.

  3. chiralangel

    I am in absolute awe of you: can’t believe that you staged such a beautiful wedding in three weeks. It’s a wonder you didn’t collapse from sheer physical (not to mention mental) exhaustion, but you looked so serene and joyful on your wedding day. This is the best blog post ever!

  4. P. Rowe

    Granny started into the kitchen and saw Andrew. She grabbed my arm: “Oh my giddy aunt! There’s a great big man in my kitchen ironing a dress! ” I think it very nearly struck her speechless. That was the day before the wedding and she had asked me earlier, “Dear, do you know how many Americans there are in the house?”
    I stopped and did a quick calculation. “Sixteen, I think.”
    “Oh, I keep thinking I hear Miriam, but everytime it’s someone different.”

  5. Hi Miriam,
    Well I’m also wildly impressed! Your pics are wonderful and give a real sense of the occasion – the jewellery you made is gorgeous and you look stunning! Congratulations and best wishes to you and your Mr. for 2011.
    ps. Many thanks for the feedback x

  6. Grandmother Henry

    Dear Dr. and Mrs. Burr !
    Welcome to your new joint partnership, your career priority as Husband and Wife. What a joyous fulfilment you are, of God’s choice for an Ephesians 5:20-33 marriage, one that unites two hearts and two continents!
    In His love and blessing, Grandmother Henry

  7. What a lovely post and what a lovely wedding day. It was so wonderful to be a part of it and be able to spend some enjoyable time together. Congratulations again!

  8. Ruth Ann Manley

    Beautiful and as usual a talented Henry!!!! Felt like almost being there with the pic’s, you and all who helped did a marvelous job! Lucky for you, he IRONS!!! How about cooking??? :)
    So happy your grandmother shared these with friends here! Have a lovely life together and never forget God is FIRST in your new lives together!!
    Ruth Ann

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