We Are Birmingham Article

Over the Christmas holiday I was sitting in We Are Birmingham’s shop, enjoying a drink with a friend of mine who was over visiting from the States. Aaron, the managing director of We Are Birmingham, came over to tell me that the shop was going to have an article in the Birmingham Assay Office’s publication, and that they were going to use a photo of one of my pieces in the article. Excellent!
I kind of forgot about that exciting news with all the craziness associated with the holiday season, but when I was our Design Space studio last week I saw the Assay Office publication and remembered- sure enough, there was the article about We Are Birmingham, and there was a photo of my William Morris Necklace!



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8 responses to “We Are Birmingham Article

  1. And it looks amazing! I’m so happy for your success! The piece is truly gorgeous!

  2. Dad

    Excellent! I am so sorry that we didn’t get to see the shop or your studio when we were there. Maybe next time…

  3. Grandmother Henry

    I am pleased, but not surprised! I just wish the We Are Birmingham article were enlarged enough for me to read and enjoy. Blessings in your highest and loveliest career –marriage!

    • Thank you! If you click on the article then it will open up the file, then you should be able to click the image one more time and it makes it large enough to read. Hope this helps!

  4. retrofemmeobjetdart

    A favourite of mine… Congratulations!

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