Brand New Collection: Double Sided Pendants!

I’ve been toying with this idea for ages, but the Spring 2011 trend of clashing patterns spurred me on to design this series of pendants that can be worn on either side! The handmade silver bales can be easily taken off the chain and turned the other way, making it extremely easy to change the look of your jewellery whenever you feel like it.

Double sided necklaceMaking double sided pendants ended up being way more complicated than I thought it would be: with all of the image transfers, there’s a certain margin of error I have to build in, because for reasons I still haven’t managed to figure out, the image transferring process doesn’t always work. So when you take the normal margin of error for a single side and double it, it takes several tries to get a plaster pendant with good transfers on both sides. Once I’ve managed to get both sides to transfer well, I then have to undertake the risky task of drilling a hole into this hard material: if the piece overheats while it’s drilled, it can flake off large sections or even shatter! If the piece manages to have good images on it AND make it through the drilling process, it then has to survive being lasered: I use the laser welder to weld a silver bar through the plaster piece for added strength and security.

Because these pieces are so complicated and have so many things that can go wrong during their production, I have decided to make a limited number of these, with each one being one-of-a-kind.

I’m taking these as part of a new collection of pieces that I am exhibiting at the British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate next weekend (April 3-5)

Once the British Craft Trade Fair is finished, I’ll be making a few more double-sided pieces to add to this series, but I think I’ll stop at ten pieces. It’s a bit crazy to think that right now there are only three double-sided plaster pendants in the WORLD (at least as far as I know! I’ve done really extensive market research and can’t find anyone else who does image transfers on plaster).

Double sided necklaceOnce I’m back from the BCTF I have another new collection to present that I’m really, really excited about (hint: I’ve gone back to my metalworking roots for this one!)

I’ll also do a blog about the British Craft Trade Fair, as I’ve never done a trade fair before. I’m really looking forward to seeing what it’s like, as I would never have done a trade fair if it weren’t for Design Space (<- guest article I wrote about the studio collective I’m a part of)

It’s a busy time for Miriam Rowe Jewellery, but I’m really excited about all the new things that I’ve made and I would love to hear what you think of these double sided pendants!



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9 responses to “Brand New Collection: Double Sided Pendants!

  1. Great concept! I love them!

  2. Oh, goodness, these are pretty. But I’m REALLY excited to hear you’re getting back to your metal working! As much as I like the plaster pieces (and I saw your mom wearing one a few weeks back) I think your metal working is absolutely beautiful and more wearable (at least for me).

    I may have to get one of these signed and numbered two sided pieces, because they give twice the option to wear, and take up half the space in my jewelry box! I look forward to seeing them on Etsy after your show.

    • Thanks very much! I think there are probably a lot of people (including my mom) that would like to see more metal things from me. It’s been really fun to get back to it, and I think once I’ve released this first collection of metal pieces they’ll become a constant presence :)
      I’m so glad that you like the double-sided pieces: they’ll be retailing for less than the cost of buying two pendants (and like you said, will give you twice the wearing options and half the space-taking!). Thanks for the feedback, so glad you like them!

  3. It’s definitely an interesting concept. You know how necklaces flip around when you wear them? This is a way around that, though I guess that’s what you were thinking when you made them. Do you sell your work?

    • Thanks Mernwyn- that’s exactly what I was thinking about when I designed these: with most jewellery I wear, I feel like I have to keep checking on it during the day to make sure it is still facing the correct way and that the clasp hasn’t moved to the front… but with the patterns on both sides and a pretty hook clasp, it’s one less thing to think about in the day :)
      I sell pieces on Etsy (these double sided ones will get put on Etsy soon after I get back from the British Craft Trade Fair this weekend)- feel free to have a browse; I’d love to know which ones are your favorites! Thanks for the comment, Mernwyn!

  4. Anna Olson

    great idea. look forward to hearing how the British Craft Trade Fair goes next weekend!!

    • Thanks very much, Anna! I’m going to take loads of pictures while I’m there this weekend and I’ll get a post up about it as soon as I can. Bye for now :)

  5. retrofemmeobjetdart

    This is a wonderfully clever idea Miriam! They look great and I wish you the very best for this new line :)

  6. Grandmother Henry

    Miriam, You know which would be my favorite double-sided pendant. Just consider my favorite color, and that’s the one !

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