Another Trip to Liverpool

I got to take another day trip to Liverpool, and on my walk from the rail station to the Tate to pick up my brooch that had been on exhibit, I saw lots of fascinating things: you can see my photos here. I’ve got something quite interesting coming up soon, so I’ll be writing more about that in the next few weeks. Speak soon!



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2 responses to “Another Trip to Liverpool

  1. G'mother H

    Liverpool really “got it” from the Germans in WW II. Your photos of “The Bombed Out Church” evoke memories of my church home from infancy to adulthood in Norfolk, Virginia. Designed in the early 1800’s by a British architect, the Gothic spires and masonry arches of Freemason Street Baptist Chuch so reflect those shown in your photo. Rather than the great square tower you show, “my” church has a great rounded masonry tower that tapers to a tall point.. Inside the sanctuary the woodwork is beautifully carved in designs of Gothic arches as well in the sides of the pews, the pulpit, the balcony balustrade, choir loft, and everywhere there is wood. Behind the pulpit and over the baptistry (where I was baptised at age 12) is a lifesiized stained glass portrayal of Jesus’ baptist by John the Baptist, with the Holy Spirit Dove hovering above them. Unforgettable!

  2. retrofemmeobjetdart

    Fascinating pics Miriam. I have a friend who was born in Liverpool (post war) and who spent his childhood there. He remembers seeing bombed out sites in the city during the 1950s. He returned years later and marvelled at the redevelopment of the city. I must forward him a link to this post. Looking forward to seeing your “something interesting”. :)

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