Artist Statement

I am interested in the dialogue created when recognizable forms from the history of European fashion and the decorative arts are combined, changed, and reinterpreted in a modern material.

My jewellery uses a chemically hardened plaster that is waterproof and lightweight. I developed a unique image transferring process that I use to chemically transfer images onto the plaster pieces, creating tactile, one-off pieces of jewellery.

The images and forms I use come directly from photos I have taken on my visits to museums and stately homes in Europe. My interest in the forms, patterns, and images from the rich history of European design inspires this collection of contemporary jewellery.


4 responses to “Artist Statement

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  3. Sabeen Virk

    Hi, Miriam,

    I just wanted to say that your work and the various mediums you use is inspiring! I especially LOVE all the care and attention to detail you give to the back of your brooches as well as the front. I think that really shows that the artist creating fantastic pieces of art truly cares about their work.

    I’m curious, as a fellow metal-smith (from Canada, though) contemplating moving to England, how is life as a jeweller/metal-smith over there?

    • Hi Sabeen, Thanks very much for stopping by and leaving a message! I really think that the UK is an amazing place to be a jeweller/metalsmith. The art/craft world is really active here; there are so many opportunities for shows, exhibitions, professional development, and networking here. I’d definitely recommend visiting the Crafts Council’s website if you want to see more about what sorts of things are happening right now. As far as professional development goes, there are a ton of free seminars and workshops for artists who want to start their own businesses: I’ve taken advantage of a lot of these and have learned so much! I’ve also participated this year in a studio incubation programme called Design Space, which gives a selected group of jewellers free studio space and business support for one year- you can read more about that in this guest blog I wrote:

      So… all that to say that I’d really recommend England as a place to be a jeweller. It’s tough making a living as an artist anywhere in the world, but I’ve been really pleasantly surprised at how much help and support is available for us creative types here in the UK :) Feel free to email me if you have any more questions- I’d be happy to chat with you about this more!

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