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Day Tripper to Liverpool

So it’s taken me a while to update, but I got some good news last week: I got the exhibition at the Tate Liverpool! I’ve never been to Liverpool before, so rather than mailing my piece to the Tate I decided I’d much rather take it there in person. I’m so glad I did!

I left around mid-morning (needed time to pop into the studio and print out a map of the city centre, just in case I got too hopelessly lost). It was a clear, sunny day, and since I’d never been over to that side of the country, it was perfect weather for viewing the scenery. I spent the whole 2 hours on the train listening to music and keeping my camera ready so I could snap photos of whatever interesting things I saw along the way [the Liverpudlian businessman sat across the aisle from me was obviously thinking, “What is wrong with this person?!”]

Abandoned Wolverhampton Factory

Abandoned factory outside Wolverhampton

Midlands mansion

Quirky mansion in the Midlands

Crewe Station

Crewe Station

Giant Liverpool Rubbish Heap

Giant rubbish heap outside Liverpool

Lennon and Lennon

Beatles moment, passing the stop for John Lennon Airport

Railway Wall

Interesting railway wall: seemed to have been built in several stages

When I walked out of Lime Street Station, I saw the Walker Art Gallery, so of course I made a bit of a detour on my way to the Tate:

Walker Art Gallery Liverpool

Even though these are gigantic paintings on a wall, the fact that they were hung on chains immediately made me think of them as giant pieces of jewellery

There’s a really excellent exhibition on at the gallery right now: glass artist  has made a collection of glass dresses. They’re absolutely beautiful as objects, and looking at the gorgeous light-catching colours and forms made me wish I was brave enough (and tiny enough!) to wear one of them [which her artist statement says is exactly the sentiment she is battling against!] They have a whimsical sort of “Cinderella” feel, and they’re fascinating to look at.

Walker Art Gallery Liverpool

Walker Art Gallery Liverpool

After an enjoyable late morning in the Walker Art Gallery, I made my way through town, enjoying the sights and sounds. The Scouse accent is absolutely fantastic: there aren’t many British accents that I have a hard time deciphering any more, but a thick Liverpool/Scouse accent is definitely one of the ones that’s very difficult! I made my way to Albert Dock, where Tate Liverpool is located.

Albert Docks

Tate Liverpool: my destination!

After dropping my piece off and getting to take a look around the exhibition space, I wandered around the Docks a bit more:

View from Albert Dock

View from Albert Dock


Albert Dock

It's not a city if there's not a "London Eye"


It's also not a real city unless there is a Duck Tour!

I had a great time wandering around, but there was a massively cold wind battering away:

Very windy day

It was windy.

Really windy

It was VERY windy.

The wind got so strong that I decided to make my way back to the station to catch my train back to Birmingham. On the walk back, I overheard a woman exclaiming, “Aaaaagh! The wind is blowing my earrings off: it’s going to take my eyelashes next!”

I like Liverpool.


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